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Email Subject Writing Tips

Email Subject Line Writing Tips

  The subject line of your email determines if your recipient will open your invitation, announcement or greeting. Writing an enticing and personal subject line is key to successful delivery. Subject line content is also a major component in the algorithm of many ISP and recipient-level spam filters. A poorly written subject line could determine if your email even gets to your recipient. Tips to writing your subject line: Entice – Say something timely and valuable. For example, “If you don’t open and read this email, you will miss out on something of real value.” Your recipient will be thinking: “What’s In it for me?”. Not TOO much information – Do not give the recipient TOO much information, or they will not click on the link to open your event. Do not say “My party is on Saturday at 6:00 at my house.” Personalize – Make the subject line hit a personal note – “Football Lovers Only Party & BBQ Contest” Brand – Brand your subject line – “Joe’s Taco Shop’s Taco Extravaganza .” Test It – Send a sample …

Pokemon Party Ideas

We’re sure you’ve heard all about the Pokemon Go craze that has been sweeping the nation. And chances are, you came across this blog post in search of planning the perfect Pokemon “hunting” party for your child (or maybe for yourself… no judgement!). We’re pretty excited over here about the return in popularity of one of our favorite games, so we put together some inspiration so that your Pokemon party goes down in history. Hope you enjoy our Pokemon Party Ideas, and be sure to share the pics with us by tagging @sendomatic! Pokemon Invitations Start the party off on the right foot with unique online invitations to share with your guests! With online invitations, you can fully customize them and add fun animation — kids will love it! Check out our Pokemon invitations here. Food What’s a party without food, right? We found this (somewhat healthy) cake on Pinterest and had to share. Not only is it simple to make, but it incorporates the colors of the fruit to look exactly like a Pokeball! …

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Plan a Fundraising Event with These Simple Tips

Before the digital age brought tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the only fundraisers were campaigns and events. While the Internet has changed the game in terms of fundraisers, events still have purpose. They bring people together for a common cause and can often yield results more effectively than an Internet campaign. But how do you plan a fundraiser event? Get inspired with these simple tips. Goal, Budget, Purpose Much must be taken into consideration before you can even shop for a venue. First, set a goal. Consider what you’ve seen in the past at similar events and set a range of income that you expect to see from this event. Consider the lowest amount you might raise, as well as the highest goal. Is the event worth it even if you only achieve your lowest estimation? Yes? Then it’s time you set a budget. The larger your budget the more money you’ll potentially raise. However, a large budget doesn’t guarantee success, which is why purpose is so important. People don’t donate to causes or startups …

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Invitation Wording for when Guests Pay for their Meal

How do you word an invitation to an event where guests pay for their dinner? I received this question from a Sendo reader… Amanda Asks… “I am planning a small (20 or less)retirement party for my mom at a restaurant but guests will be responsible for paying for their own dinner – how do I indicate this on an invitation?” Anyone have any suggestions? Comment to this post to help her out! It would be great to hear what you guys would expect to see on an invitation and how you would respond to some of the other suggestions mentioned When Invited Guests Pay for their Meal The proper term for this is No Host. Some social circles would immediately recognize and understand this term, whereas others would be confused. And if it’s a retirement party, some invitees may not be so quick to jump on Google to figure it out. Considering the informality of the event, keep invitations to something simple. You don’t want to spend $100 on invites that tell people they need …

Confetti Invitation

New Invitation Series: Confetti & Celebration

  Inspired by thecheerful image of confetti spilled on a crisp white table linen, these new dainty, and exciting designs have a feminine air about them. Cupcakes, champagne, and stylish masks adorn these heart-warming invitations framed with pink decorations, happy fireworks, and festive confetti. Find the collection and more at Sendo Invitations!

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Nest Egg Cookies & Recipe

I am in love with these nest egg cookies. I just made thirty of them in less than fifteen minutes, which means they are likely to become an Easter classic around here. They are so quick, easy and YUMMY! This is a great recipe for the kids to pitch in on too. Ingredients for Nest Egg Cookies 12 oz. package chow mien noodles 12 oz. package butterscotch morsels (At least. A couple extra ounces will give you a better hold) 90 egg-shaped candies. I’ve used Cadbury Mini Eggs. Melt the morsels in a double boiler, mix in the chow mien noodles. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to drop scoops onto a pan that’s lined with parchment paper. Place three Cadbury Mini Eggs onto each nest. Allow them to set for 5-10 minutes before serving or transferring to a dish. It’s that easy! These cute cookies are perfect for school parties, family gathering and even Spring birthday parties. via

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A Chanel Party

We recently threw a CHANEL N°27 themed party for the classy and fabulous Jacqueline on her 27th birthday. We had seen Chanel party ideas floating around and it looked like the perfect theme for her. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – CoCo Chanel Our Chanel Party Invitation & Decor! Jacqueline’s initials are J.J., so we created a custom JJ logo that we used throughout the party. The Drink Menu ROUGE COCO {named after Jacqueline’s favorite lipstick} – Bubbly Champagne with Raspberry Liqueur COCO CHANEL – A Decadent Chocolate Martini CHANEL BALLERINA {named after Jacqueline’s favorite nail polish} – X-Rated Fusion Liqueur with Lemon Lime Soda Gimme Some Sugar made the pumpkin flavored Chanel cake that was the center of the COCO DESSERT BAR. The COCO DESSERT BAR was draped in black and white striped linen from La Tavola and filled rich chocolate treats including: mini truffle and white chocolate cheesecake squares, chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, doughnuts, brownie bites, and cake balls. “A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – …