Offer Your Customers Branded Online Invitations from Your Website

Build brand awareness, publicity & viral outreach - offer your customers online invitations.

  • Offer email invitations to your visitors from your website.
  • Great for restaurants, theme parks, sporting venues, bars and more.
  • We will custom design an invite for you, or you can design one yourself.
  • Allow your visitors to use the invitation to invite their friends to your establishment.
  • Your visitors will be able to track RSVPs and manage their party online.
  • The more invites are sent, the more promotion of your business.
  • Get your invitation today!
Branded Online Invites

Do you have a product, establishement or service that could benefit from viral promotion? Let your customers promote your business for you! Offer your customers free invitations - a way for them to invite friends to your establishement or service. No cost to your customers and no cost to you! They will use a use a custom designed invitation and manage thier events through the Sendo robust event management system. Get your custom invitation today and start spreading the word about your business!

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